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What is Zebrunner?

Zebrunner Overview

Zebrunner is a test automation management tool that provides full transparency of your test results within multiple environments and platforms.

To adjust Zebrunner to all your needs, we focus on its three main components:

Zebrunner Engine

Our cloud-based Selenium hub lets you run up to 1000 web, mobile, and API tests and reduce execution time and costs - you pay only for the period you test. We support popular platforms like Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Android, iOS, and provide stability and quality of your execution.

Zebrunner Insights

We offer premium reporting features for your tests. See test results in real time - Zebrunner records interactive video sessions, publishes logs and screenshots. Track your pass rate, infrastructure usage, and automation team performance in one application.

Zebrunner Guard

Your data and users will be safe with our enterprise-grade security and centralized administration. Due to the flexible permission management, you can limit access to certain information and keep the workflow steady.

What you can do with Zebrunner?

  • Execute large amounts of tests in parallel and pay less - reduce regression time without loss of effective coverage and save money with our by-minute pricing.

  • Rerun only failed tests - instead of running thousands of tests again and again, choose only failed ones and fix bugs quickly.

  • Track test results in real time - investigate bugs, see logs and video recordings of test sessions even while your tests are being executed.

  • Stay aware of the execution process - get immediate notifications to Slack and email after a test run is finished.

  • Link known issues to your tests in Jira - Zebrunner automatically attaches a ticket to a failed test with the same stack trace, which dramatically reduces the time for test analyses and investigation.

  • See detailed test analyses and team performance on configurable dashboards - use a basic set of widgets or create your own ones by choosing from multiple parameters, share test results via email or export them to HTML, and manage your automation team in one click.