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To do Windows application automation, you need to:

  • Download windows driver
  • Enable developers mode for Windows
  • Start Appium or WinAppDriver
  • Set carina's configuration
#path to your Appium/WinAppDriver server

#Should be set to specify windows automation session

#path to application you want to test

That's all. To get access to the driver use getDriver(). Write and run tests as usual. If you want to pass specific parameters to WindowsDriver refer to Appium documentation.

Code example:

//page.class example
public class CalculatorHomePage extends AbstractPage {
    @FindBy(xpath = "/Window/Pane/Button[10]")
    ExtendedWebElement fiveButton;

    @FindBy(xpath = "/Window/Pane/Button[5]")
    ExtendedWebElement oneButton;

    @FindBy(xpath = "/Window/Pane/Button[23]")
    ExtendedWebElement plusButton;

    @FindBy(xpath = "/Window/Pane/Button[28]")
    ExtendedWebElement resultButton;

    @FindBy(xpath = "/Window/Pane/Text[3]")
    ExtendedWebElement resultField;

    public CalculatorHomePage(WebDriver driver) {

    public void sumOneAndFive(){;;;;

    public String getResult(){
        return resultField.getText();
//test.class example
public class CalculatorTest implements IAbstractTest {
    public void calculatorSumTest(){
        CalculatorHomePage calculator = new CalculatorHomePage(getDriver());
        Assert.assertEquals(calculator.getResult().trim(), "6");