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Zebrunner Reporting Integration

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Integrating the Carina framework with Zebrunner is easy!

Before the start, make sure you have Zebrunner PRO organization tenant or Zebrunner Community Edition installed. Let’s begin the integration!

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Create file

Navigate to the folder src/main/resources and create file (if not already created).

Configure agent parameters

Declare integration parameters in

reporting.server.access-token=c4OXu6ch8KI3rkYraZiaDrRB7kCIndfadHSmltgVFjBiAx5LcK Tests

Possible parameters in

  • reporting.enabled - enables or disables reporting. The default value is false. If disabled, the agent will use no op component implementations that will simply log output for tracing purposes with the trace level;
  • reporting.server.hostname - mandatory if reporting is enabled. Zebrunner server hostname. Can be obtained in Zebrunner on the 'Account & Profile' page under the 'Service URL' section;
  • reporting.server.access-token - mandatory if reporting is enabled. Access token must be used to perform API calls. Can be obtained in Zebrunner on the 'Account & profile' page under the 'Token' section;
  • - optional value. The display name of the test run. The default value is Default Suite;
  • - optional value. The build number that is associated with the test run. It can depict either the test build number or the application build number;
  • - optional value. The environment in which the tests will run.

More details and examples of Environment variables, Program arguments, etc. can be found in the Documentation.

The integration is in place!

Now you can:

  • Report tests from Carina based project into Zebrunner

Zebrunner Report

  • Track test results in real-time

Zebrunner Test Results

  • Perform smart test analysis with logs, videos and screenshots

Zebrunner analysis

  • Create quality trends’ reports with dozens of metrics

Zebrunner dashborads

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