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Migration Guide (1.1.5 -> 1.2.6)

Migration guide from 1.1.5 to 1.2.6.


Removed src/main/java/com/zebrunner/carina/utils/ class. Configuration parameters managed by com.zebrunner.carina.utils.config.Configuration class and it's inheritors (WebDriverConfiguration and so on).

This class provides a get method. This method provides the following features:

  1. Get Optional value. If you think that parameter should exists, use getRequired method instead (throws exception if there are no value).
  2. Cast to the specified type. Supported types: String, Integer, Long, Double, Boolean, Short, Byte.
  3. By default, this method tries to find environment (<env>.<parameter_name>) value. If there are no value, it tries to find global (<parameter_name>) value. If you want to search only global or environment value, specify StandardConfigurationOption.ENVIRONMENT or StandardConfigurationOption.GLOBAL parameter.
  4. If you want to decrypt value, specify StandardConfigurationOption.DECRYPT parameter.

You can also organize project-specific configuration class. Just inherit from Configuration class, implement your parameters and override toString method. Any existing configuration class is suitable as a sample.

Interaction with the test folders

ReportContext class refactored for using java nio. It provides more user-friendly interface.

Example (get path to the screenshot file from test directory):

Path path = ReportContext.getTestDirectory()

Inherit ExtendedWebElement

Added opportunity to inherit ExtendedWebElement and override it's logic. Inheritor should contains public <className>(WebDriver driver, SearchContext searchContext) constructor.

All default methods contains in src/main/java/com/zebrunner/carina/webdriver/helper/ interface (format, presence of the element and so on). Use methods provided by this interface if you want for example format your custom ExtendedWebElement.

Project-side dependencies

com.zebrunner.carina-core           1.2.6
com.zebrunner.carina-dataprovider   1.2.4
com.zebrunner.carina-api            1.2.4
com.zebrunner.carina-aws-s3         1.2.5
com.zebrunner.carina-azure          1.2.5
com.zebrunner.carina-appcenter      1.2.6
net.bytebuddy.byte-buddy            1.14.5


Removed MongoConnector class and mongo-java-driver dependency.

Use com.zebrunner.carina.utils.encryptor.EncryptorUtils class if you want to encrypt/decrypt data.

Screenshot -> capture methods return Optional<Path> (path to the screenshot) instead of Optional<String> (name of the screenshot). Also removed unnecessary screenshot rule methods.

Removed all non-w3c capabilities. Non-w3c capabilities will fail session startup.

Removed support.