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There are multiple ways to contribute to Carina. See below for everything you can do and the processes to follow for each contribution method. Your contribution is governed by our Code of Conduct.

Make changes to the Carina code or docs

Please use the unified code formatter Java code formatter for Eclipse; in IntelliJ IDEA, install and configure Eclipse Code Formatter.

Fork the project, make a change, and send a pull request. For every Pull Request, an automatic snapshot build is generated and Sonar quality checks are performed. The exact build number can be found among the check details: Alt text

Update your project pom.xml, make sure to have a snapshot repository enabled and test your changes. Add test results/comments into the Pull Request if possible.

After reviewing and merging, we generate a consolidated release candidate build increasing the build number, for example, after release 1.0.0 all the merges come into 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT. We strongly recommend that you do one more testing round using this build number.

The release candidate build number can also be found in the latest SHA1 commit details: Alt text

Help out on our community

We can always use help on our forums at Carina Support! Hop on over and see if there are any questions that you can answer.

Submit bug reports or feature requests

Just use the GitHub issue tracker to submit your bug reports and feature requests. Please follow the issue or feature templates.